W.G Link Exchange Manager

Brief Script Description

The W.G Link Exchange Manager allows you to easily manage your reciprocal links and helps you see which of your link partners are linking back to you or not. This script also helps your site build link popularity which is known to increase search engine rankings and website traffic!

Get Top 10 rankings in Google, Yahoo and the other search engines using the W.G Link Exchange Manager.

What are reciprocal links and why are they important?

Reciprocal links are one of the most common, most effective and most cost effective (*free*) forms of advertising for your website. Basically, we exchange links – you add my link to your website and I will add your link to mine. By exchanging links, you can increase your websites’ link popularity which can actually help increase your website search engine rankings and your site traffic!

What is the W.G Link Exchange Manager and how can it benefit me?

The W.G Reciprocal Manager is a powerful software that allows you to easily manage your reciprocal links advertising campaign. Reciprocal Manager is jammed packed full of features that will help make reciprocal linking easier and less time-consuming for you. Below are a full list of features:

W.G Link Exchange Manager Features

  • Server Requirements : PHP and MySQL
  • This powerful software is written in PHP/MySQL
  • Easy Installation – be up and running in 5 minutes
  • Easily manage and organize your reciprocal links
  • Integrates with the look of your own site using templates
  • Allow visitors to add their link immediately to your links directory or you can manually approve all submissions
  • Easily email webmasters about the status of their link if it is approved/declined
  • You have the option of making users validate their email before submitting their link (to ensure their email address is real) or not
  • When a visitor tries to submit their link to your links directory, our script will automatically spider the Reciprocal URL the visitor provides to check if your link is on their website or not. If not, they cannot submit their link.
  • You will have full admin functions to add, edit, check, and delete links from your directory
  • You can view all pending link requests as well as all current link partners from your directory
  • When you add a link to your directory from the admin area, you have the option to have our script *Not Added* check for a reciprocal link.
  • You can backup your database pratically on control panel and reload your database when you have any problem. At last when u move your website to another hosting firm or as a result of any problems in your server, You will be able to protect your datas.